Thursday, 8 December 2016

Homelegance Cinderella - An Ultimate Disney Princess Bedroom Set

Disney princess room adornments are easily available and this is a good news. The bad news is that it can sometimes be overwhelming, so you will have to decorate smartly. From Disney princess bedding to wall theme from window curtains and valances to classic rugs depicting girly color pink. Perhaps the most comprehensive and full collection of Disney princess bedroom set can be found at Homelegance.

Wall color
Start planning off your Disney princess bedroom with a cool wall color. Your main target must be pink and white. Ensure to go with light pinks as these will open up the room and enable for better options later when preferring complimentary wall décor. You can even work a two - toned effect: pink and white on the top and the bottom with a thin pink stripe or lattice pattern for  separation. For a fantasy feel, you can also add white clouds on the upper section of the walls. 

Pink bedding
There is a wide range of companies that sell pink bedding like as Homelegance Cinderella collection. Choose between quilted comforters or satin materials that allow prints to be silkscreened on the fabric.  There is individual princess they so ask your daughter whether she has someone favorite. Other princess quilts also feature various famous princesses together and these  all can be a cute collection as well. Above all, choose bedding that suits the wall décor and color and avoid colors and designs that disturb it. 

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